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Design, construction, and outfitting of two new buildings at Attikon General University Hospital of Athens

In June 2021, as part of SNF’s continuous effort to strengthen and upgrade infrastructure in the Greek health sector, the Global Health Initiative (GHI) was expanded to include the design, construction, and outfitting of two new buildings at the Attikon General University Hospital in Athens. The buildings will serve the needs of the hospital for on-call rooms for doctors and allow the establishment of headquarters to house a national Coordination Center for Mobile Medical Units.
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The first of these two buildings will address a chronic structural gap encountered by the hospital, as it was built without any provisions for on-call rooms and doctors currently occupy patient rooms as rest areas during their on-call shifts. The creation of a dedicated building will immediately free up much needed, already equipped rooms for the further hospitalization of patients; permanently adding to the hospital’s total inpatient capacity while simultaneously ensuring appropriate on-call facilities for medical staff. The new building will be located on the hospital campus with a direct connection to the main hospital for purposes of easy and quick access. It is worth noting that the Attikon Hospital consistently operates at full bed capacity and that the additional rooms which will be freed-up will also allow for optimal allocation of patients, in accordance with upgraded safety regulations and management practices following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second building will house the headquarters of the four following centers:

a) The Coordination Center of the Mobile Medical Units, the healthcare access program for residents of remote Greek islands and regions implemented through an exclusive grant from SNF by the nonprofit Regeneration & Progress, now in collaboration with Attikon Hospital and under the supervision of the 1st Orthopedic Department at the Attikon University General Hospital School of Medicine,

b) A Crisis, Disaster and Humanitarian Aid Health Management Center, under the scientific supervision of the “Global Health – Disaster Medicine” Medical School Postgraduate Program of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, which will include the activation of telemedicine for patients and providers, 

c) A Center for Biomechanical Analysis of Movement-Walking and Therapeutic Exercise, under the scientific supervision of the Sports Excellence Department of the 1st Orthopedic Department at the Attikon University General Hospital School of Medicine, in collaboration with all of the hospital’s specialties, and

d) The “SNF Complex Bone and Joint Reconstruction and Salvages Surgery Center”, in collaboration with academic US hospitals. 

The new buildings are slated for completion and delivery to the Greek State in 2025.