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Expanding access to quality health care for all

Construction of the SNF General Hospital of Komotini has already begun on November 2023 and a model of public health care will be delivered to residents of the Prefecture of Rodopi in Northern Greece and beyond in late 2026.
Rendering of the SNF General Hospital of Komotini with a prominent overhanging canopy seen through trees in a verdant landscape
Rendering of a glassed-in walkway between two parts of the SNF General Hospital of Komotini illuminated at night
Located on the western periphery of the city of Komotini, the SNF General Hospital of Komotini will serve as a hub for secondary public health care, supporting and collaborating with a network of local health care centers across Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The future hospital will replace the ‘Sismanogleio’ General Hospital of Komotini, which was built in 1937, making it one of the oldest hospitals in Greece still in operation.

"A hospital open and accessible to all residents of the multicultural community of Komotini which, in addition to high-quality health services, will provide a health care environment of high standards." - Renzo Piano

The SNF General Hospital of Komotini will ensure a holistic approach to care, introducing advances in clinical design and medical technologies that align with international best practices in health care provision and operations. The hospital’s clinical profile and functional capabilities are the result of continuous collaboration by SNF and the Design Team with the Hellenic Ministry of Health and regional health authorities, as well as regular consultations with the people from the local medical community who will use the hospital.

In December 2020, the latter consultations resulted in significant expansion of the hospital’s planned medical services through the addition of a 3-tesla MRI machine, a mammography unit, a gamma camera, additional operating rooms, and therapeutic exercise and medical rehabilitation resources, among other features, as well as provisions for the future development of a cardiac catheterization lab. Moreover, the future hospital will introduce a collocated model mental health unit with new inpatient capacity and outpatient services.

SNF General Hospital of Komotini

The new hospital has been designed with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, the healing power of nature, and the application of a humanistic approach to comprehensive care for patients and their families. The hospital building will be surrounded by a densely forested area with 1,200 trees and therapeutic gardens accessible to staff, patients, and families that will contribute to the healing process and staff wellbeing. From the treatment spaces to the operating rooms, patients and staff will enjoy views of the forest and natural sunlight.

The SNF General Hospital of Komotini is being developed to fulfil LEED Platinum certification and near carbon neutrality, which has the potential to make it one of the most energy-efficient hospitals in its class. The photovoltaic roof will provide for a considerable portion of the hospital’s electricity needs, while geothermal systems will support 100% of the hospital’s heating. Moreover, the new facilities will enable the full digitization of clinical services, the sustainable and efficient management and maintenance of the hospital, and continuity of care with other collaborating health units.

The biannual town hall meetings organized by SNF in Komotini provide an opportunity for nurturing direct, open, and regular dialogue with the local community on all aspects of the development, progress, and future operation of the hospital.

Legislation on the new SNF General Hospital of Komotini:
• Greek Laws No.4564/2018 (as subsequently amended), No.4667/2020 and No.4812/2021




Αναλογία μονών /διπλών κλινών

Support & Facilities

Education Center & School
Cafeteria & Restaurant
Workshops & Offices

Clinical Support

Pathology Laboratories
Central Sterilization Services

Imaging Facilities

MRI Scanner (3T)
CT Scanner
Ultrasound (3D)
Bone Densitometry
Gamma Camera


Examination rooms: 16
Hemodialysis Stations: 15

Single / Multi Beds Ratio

Single Beds: 25%
Double Beds: 75%

Inpatient Beds

General medical /surgical: 86 beds
Critical Care Unit: 8 beds
Pediatrics: 16 beds
Obstetrics / Gynecology: 15 beds
Neonatal: 5 cots
Mental Health: 10 beds

Day Case Beds

Day Case Beds: 8 beds
Observation Beds: 12 beds

Operating Theaters

Operating Theaters: 6
Procedure Rooms: 1
Endoscopy Rooms: 1

Emergency Care

Cubicles: 16