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Comprehensive care that puts children at the center

A public hospital to care for all dimensions of a child’s health in a groundbreaking healing environment that places the well-being of children and families at the forefront, while also delivering a new standard in clinical care, medical education, and research in Northern Greece.
A rendering of the SNF University Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki building with a prominent canopy roof set among trees
An aerial rendering of the multi-building hospital complex of the SNF University Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki set among trees
The SNF University Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, due to be delivered by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) to the public in late 2026, will represent a key advancement in the provision of children’s health care in Greece. As the country’s first, dedicated children’s hospital outside Athens, it will provide secondary pediatric services for the greater Thessaloniki area and tertiary level pediatric care for all Northern Greece, while enhancing the network of health care services available to children and adolescents throughout Greece. At the same time, it will act as a central hub for pediatric education and training, driving innovation and excellence in medical practice, research, and education. The SNF University Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki will be a central component of an integrated clinical health care system for children, young people, and their families in Northern Greece and beyond Located in Filyro on the outskirts of Thessaloniki, the future hospital will offer all key clinical services, from emergency and surgical specialties, to cardiology, hemodialysis, and oncology, as well as neonatal and pediatric intensive care. In a dedicated building adjacent to the hospital will be a Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health with private outdoor gardens and play areas, and a third building will house university teaching and research facilities, including an auditorium, classrooms, office spaces, a media room, a library, and learning and research laboratories. The three buildings extend over two plots, with overground and underground connections, and work together under an innovative campus design approach by the architect.

The new hospital has been designed to provide a safe and positive healing environment where children and young people are at the heart of an integrated network of high-quality clinical and supporting services. In addition, hospital spaces have been designed to cater to the needs of parents and caregivers for proximity and interaction with their child, including within inpatient rooms where parents can use a moveable bed to stay overnight with their child. The hospital will also include play areas and child-friendly environmental design elements throughout and will have a special wayfinding system to help children, staff, and visitors interact with the space.

At the same time, the hospital will blend seamlessly into a newly planted woodland that will assimilate the existing vegetation, incorporating children’s healing gardens and interactive playgrounds with the broader natural habitat. Every element is designed to complement each other element, in a string of landscape interventions that will inspire staff, children, and caregivers while augmenting the healing properties of nature. Interior spaces have transparent and permeable connections to patios and outdoor parkland, for staff and patients to enjoy natural light, soothing views onto the hillside forest, and distant views toward the sea.

Following the rigorous environmental principles applied in each of the new hospitals being developed under the SNF Global Health Initiative (GHI), the SNF University Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki aims to achieve LEED Platinum certification and near carbon neutrality, which has the potential to make it one of the most energy-efficient hospitals in its class. The new facilities will enable the full digitization of clinical services, the sustainable and efficient management and maintenance of the hospital, and continuity of care with other collaborating health units.

Following a vision for creating a state-of-the-art university pediatric hospital that can serve as a reference point for the wider region of Southeast Europe, SNF and the Design Team work closely with the Hellenic Ministry of Health, the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and regional health authorities—consulting and incorporating the views of service users and international experts at each stage of the hospital’s development process. The regular town hall meetings organized by SNF twice a year in Thessaloniki are also key in the development of the hospital, providing a forum for open exchange with the local community.

Legislation on the SNF University Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki:
• Greek Laws No.4564/2018 (as subsequently amended) and No.4889/2022



Ration single / double beds

Support & Facilities

Education Center & School Rooms
Academic Teaching Center
Cafeteria & Restaurant
Workshops & Offices

Clinical Support

Central Sterilization Services
Central Breast Milk Bank
Research Laboratories

Imaging Facilities

MRI Scanner (1 x 3T, 1 x 1.5 T)
CT Scanner (1x)
X‐ray (3x)
Ultrasound (4x)
Bone Densitometry (1x)
SPECT (1x)


Examination rooms: 36
Dialysis Stations: 4

Single / Multi Beds Ratio

Single Beds: 50%
Double Beds: 50%

Inpatient Beds

General pediatrics clinics - medical /surgical: 140 beds 
HDU/MAF ready: 33 beds
Infectious Decease Unit: 5 beds
Bone Morrow Transplant Unit (BMTU): 5 beds
Critical Care Unit : 33 beds
Palliative Care: 4 beds
Child and Adolescent Mental Health: 10 beds

Day Case Beds

Day Case Beds: 18 beds
Hematology / Oncology Beds: 10 beds
Observation Beds: 18 beds

Operating Theaters

General Operating Theaters: 6
Cardiac Operating Theatre: 1
Interventional Suites: 2
Procedure Rooms: 2
Endoscopy Rooms: 2

Emergency Care

Cubicles: 22