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The mission of The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is to enable the development of life-changing stem cell-based treatments to patients. A major new grant from SNF for the Susan L. Solomon Center for Precision Medicine at the NYSCF Research Institute is now helping the institution significantly expand its clinical research capabilities.

As the largest nonprofit stem cell research institute in the world, NYSCF seeks to bridge the gap between the academic institutions where research with healing potential takes place and the companies translating that research into treatments that can reach patients. NYSCF’s focus on accelerating cures is wide-ranging, commensurate with the possibilities offered by the unique properties of stem cells, and encompasses more than 70 major diseases, from diabetes to heart disease to multiple sclerosis.

The new facilities created by the SNF-supported expansion—which will be adjacent to NYSCF’s existing premises—will include clinical-grade laboratories, a precision medicine drug discovery center, and a cancer drug screening laboratory. The work that takes place in these new labs, like all of NYSCF’s work, will involve collaboration with scores of research institutions around the world.

The Center for Precision Medicine is named in honor of late NYSCF co-founder and CEO Susan L. Solomon, whose tireless efforts helped catalyze the field of stem cell research, transforming the future of medicine in the process. Breakthroughs fostered by the NYSCF community span areas including macular degeneration, mRNA vaccine technology, women’s reproductive cancers, type 1 diabetes, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology, and many more.

This new grant builds on a longstanding collaboration between SNF and NYSCF and assists NYSCF in further accelerating medical breakthroughs through stem cell technologies.