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SNF is supporting MindUP in providing a curriculum that encourages kids to develop a toolkit of mental skills that will help them thrive in school and in life.

Since 2003, MindUP, established as the Goldie Hawn Foundation, has worked to help children in 48 countries develop the mental fitness necessary to thrive in school and throughout their lives. Its signature program is a preventative, classroom-based curriculum to help children ages 3 to 14, along with educators and parents, develop the knowledge and tools they need to manage toxic stress, self-regulate emotions, and face life’s challenges with optimism, resilience, and compassion.

The easy-to-implement curriculum involves guided lesson plans and simple activities grounded in neuroscience, social-emotional learning, positive psychology, and mindful awareness. MindUP teaches children how to focus their attention, use brain breaks to manage stress, act with empathy, and face challenges.

Over four interlocking units, participants build skills to increase prosocial behavior, executive functioning, and social and emotional competence. SNF supports the creation of an animated version of the first unit, Understanding the Brain, to help make it engaging and accessible to all.