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The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) is supporting Partnership to End Addiction, a   US-based organization dedicated to addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery, in their efforts to support families as they help their loved ones overcome addiction.

Partnership to End Addiction’s decades of research and clinical work inform their organizing principle: outcomes for individuals struggling with addiction are much better when their families and other caring adults are meaningfully engaged and equipped. As a result, the organization is focused on empowering families to become pivotal agents in preventing substance misuse by their children and loved ones.

To accomplish this, Partnership to End Addiction has assembled a team of trained clinicians, specialists, and peer coaches which supports families through the organization’s hotline and a suite of web-based tools, including their Help & Hope texting program and their eLearning courses, which allow parents and caring adults to receive the information, guidance, and resources they need.

SNF is supporting these efforts with a grant that aims to help the organization substantially increase its reach by launching a support system powered by artificial intelligence (AI), resulting in a chatbot that will be available on their website around the clock. This three-year project builds on the extensive data management and data infrastructure buildout that Partnership to End Addiction conducted, with SNF support, from 2019 to 2022.

Over the course of three years, Partnership to End Addiction will analyze the data gathered from their phone and text support interactions to create an AI-enhanced chatbot. When launched, the chatbot will allow Partnership to End Addiction to provide guidance, resources, and information to more family members and caring adults than it ever has before while directing urgent cases to one of the organization’s trained clinicians.