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A new grant under the SNF Global Health Initiative (GHI) supports the provision of essential medical care at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) in Luang Prabang, Northern Laos. This support builds on a years-long partnership between SNF and Friends Without a Border, which operates the hospital.

This new grant covers the operating costs of LFHC's Pediatric Laboratory for one year and supports the acquisition of essential medical equipment, including infant warmers, continuous positive air pressure machines, and syringe pumps.

Both the laboratory and the new equipment will help the hospital meet urgent health needs. In the face of one of the world’s highest child and neonatal mortality rates, LFHC stands as the sole pediatric hospital in the region, delivering free high-quality health care to tens of thousands of children each year.

The hospital also serves as a Reference Center for health care education, collaborating with other hospitals in the country to offer consultations and professional training.

In a significant partnership with UNICEF, LFHC is recognized as the premier provider of malnutrition treatment in Laos. This collaboration extends to training other provincial hospitals to ensure implementation of the national malnutrition guidelines. Moreover, partnerships with esteemed academic and research institutions around the world further amplify LFHC’s impact.