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05 April 2024
A group of 17 people stand in the corridor of a building, side by side, smiling for the camera.

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Initiative (CAMHI) Network is expanding to Thessaloniki through a partnership with the Community Mental Health Center at George Papanikolaou General Hospital of Thessaloniki's Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Department. The partnership with the Community Center began in November 2023 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the CAMHI Implementing Agency, the Department, and Hospital Administration, as well as the Ministry of Health. At the end of March 2024, representatives of the Community Center, the Hospital, and CAMHI met officially to coordinate on the activities already being implemented in Thessaloniki.

The Community Mental Health Center and its staff participate in all CAMHI activities, which include teacher training programs, a partnership with school districts for school-based interventions, and broader collaboration with adolescents, parents, and teachers. It also participates in CAMHI's advanced training program for mental health professionals like psychologists and child psychiatrists, as well as in the training of judicial officers and pediatricians, with training programs tailored to the needs and role of each group of professionals.

The CAMHI Network is composed of hub centers in Alexandroupoli, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Athens, and Heraklion and is an integral part of CAMHI's planning and implementation. With the launch of this collaboration with George Papanikolaou General Hospital of Thessaloniki, we're another step closer to every child, teenager, and family in Greece having access to quality mental health care and reliable sources of information.

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