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14 September 2023
Tiled images of speakers at SNF Nostos 2023 on a multicolored background

The 2023 SNF Nostos Conference on mental health may have concluded, but we’ll be thinking about the ideas, analysis, and reflections shared by the speakers for a long time to come.

Mental health is a critical issue that touches all of us in our daily lives, and everyone has a stake in the continuing effort to combat the stigma that accompanies mental illness. To keep the dialogue on mental health going, we've compiled some of the most powerful moments from the SNF Nostos Conference 2023 talks. Watch or rewatch below as speakers address mental-health-related topics including, among others, loneliness, marginalized groups, and the role of new technology.


You can watch all the talks in full at or directly choose one of the highlighted sessions bellow:

Andreas Dracopoulos, Tasos Bakasetas, Sander Markx, Devine Cruz, Andrianos Golemis, Goldie Hawn, Jennifer Uchendu, Sunitha Krishan, Fred Muench, President Barack Obama, Emilia Molimpakis, Glenn Close, George Yancopoulos, Saima Wazed, John McPhee, Rui Costa, Tasos Bakasetas, Luis Augusto Rohde, Patrick J. Kennedy, Andreas Dracopoulos, Sharon Blum-Melamed, Christian Ntizimira, Amalia Ryan- Smith, Celina De Sola, Devine Cruz, Hahrie Han , Harold Koplewicz, Chiara Servili, M. Elizabeth Magill, Mike Wishnie, Madeline Signas, Garry Kasparov, Sander Markx, Valentina Iemmi, Aspasia Serdari