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A large room is divided into cubicles with dental chairs and the attendant implements

SNF’s grant to the NKUA School of Dentistry was completed in its totality in January 2022. Through the grant, the school’s postgraduate clinics were equipped with 24 new dental chairs, meeting European Union standards for the environmental protection from aerosol emission, and a simulation laboratory was equipped with 40 new state-of-the-art simulators for optimal student training.

The NKUA School of Dentistry provides higher education to undergraduate and postgraduate students, both at research and clinical levels. Furthermore, its clinics offer affordable high-end dental care, the revenue from which is used to cover the school’s operating expenses. The school serves 9,000 patients and performs 30,000 dental procedures annually. Its social outreach is especially important, as it includes treatment for vulnerable groups such as oncology patients, children with disabilities, and low-income patients, who have no other options for free dental care.